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Have your heard of Omaha Poker before? Well, if that is the first time, let us tell you that you have landed on the right website! In the glimpse of an eye, you will become an expert on the subject matter. Moreover, not only will you gain some valuable knowledge on the variation of Omaha poker to show off whenever you get a chance, but you will also be the most knowledgeable player online.

About Us

You can call us poker geeks, but we would rather go by the name poker experts or « pokerexperter » in Swedish. Indeed, only a few poker players are aware of the different variations of poker that actually exist beyond the Texas Hold’em model. As poker players and professional players, we are constantly on a hunt for new winning combinations or to add more variation to the game, in order to keep it entertaining. The latter reasoning is what pushed us to create this website, which can be considered a blog to a certain extent . My companions and I would like to raise the level of professional poker players, in order to increase the level of challenges possible in the discipline. Our intention is not only to keep you informed about the latest development in the poker world, but mainly to introduce you to our favorite variation of the game: The Omaha Poker.

What you need to know about the online casinos we advertise

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There are a few important things with regards to online casinos that every player needs to know. Here is a little online casino 101 for the new players and a quick little reminder for the experienced ones. The reason why we sought to remind you of these crucial elements are for the mere fact that we develop a database, as we go, gathering the best online casinos that offer the best variations of poker that could raise your interest.

We also cover a global market so no matter where you play, you will be able to access the perfect site for you to join. Here is a link for players looking for an online casino in India.

1. The reviews and advices

We invite you to thoroughly read our casinos’ reviews, as well as , our advices on game strategies. The reason why is pretty simple. Unlike other online casinos’ guides, we actually try every casino and game we shall present to you. Although, we are fully aware that every player has different tastes, we are convinced that all of our readers appreciate high quality products, especially when large amounts of money could be at stake. That’s why we do use the editor review done by CDB, a well-known website as this one for example: Within our team, we benefit from a diversity of point of views on the poker world, which will help us provide valuable information and advices on a plurality of casinos to choose from, for a large pool of different players. The value of the reviews and advice pieces we offer you, resides in their objectivity and accuracy. Best believe that once you have read the review and/or the advice you were looking for, the website or the game you would have selected to play on will be like an open book to you.

2. The bonuses

At first, my colleagues and I wanted to develop a land-based organization gathering poker lovers. However, shortly after playing online, we have come to the conclusion that online gaming could make the player earn a lot more money. Of course we put a higher value on the love of the game, but when the game loves you back in terms of bonuses or cash back in real money, the choice is easy to make. The financial advantages from playing online were the determinant factor that drew us into developing this website dedicated to poker and particularly the Omaha variation among online casinos.

3. The news

As we might sometimes want to take a break from reviewing casinos, you may want to take a break from reading them as well. High five! We are on the same page. That is where our team of journalists takes over the stage. The two individuals, coming from the famous Dailymail that form that team can literally be at different places at the same time (that is the beauty of the internet) in order to find out the latest iGaming breaking news. You will be surprised by what actually happens throughout the world all in relation to poker. Our favorite continents to focus on remain: North America and Europe. Trust us, you will be amazed by what our journalists will be able to find. We have all been friends for years, and they still manage to make us laugh out loud, or cry from despair. You can also visit our friend’s website which is a great information source.

4. Our customer service

We hope that you have understood that by now, but we have been dedicating our entire careers to make the poker discipline widely known from one continent to another. That is why, if by all means you encounter any issue with our reporting or have further questions regarding the content of our website, we invite you to send us an email at the following address:

You will be guaranteed an exhaustive answer to address your inquiry. However, we hope that you understand that in other to provide you with the most accurate answer a lot of research has to be done, and the delays in the response will depend on the depth of the question asked. However, the delay will never exceed 24 hours!

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