Liverpool will never walk alone with Betfair

Liverpool will never walk alone with betfair Liverpool will never walk alone with betfair

Betfair was chosen to become the Reds’ recognized betting partner on the European scene. This partnership is seen as a way to enhance betting experiences for Liverpool fans throughout Europe. Sports’ bets remain the most preferred online game in Europe, and the association of Betfair and Liverpool represents an outstanding opportunity for the club to widen its influence on sports’ bets, as well as for the operator to extend its influence on the Liverpool fans. Find out more about this partnership in the rest of the article.

What Betfair has to offer

This is Play’ is the name of the campaign announced to strike a partnership between the British club and well-known betting operator. Betfair is committed to bring the betting interests of Liverpool fans to a superior level. The operator has agreed to develop multiple products, such as Cash Out and Price Rush.

In order to create more interest towards Liverpool matches, Betfair has agreed to use social media components in order to advertise the games to a wider audience. The ultimate goal for Betfair is to use their innovative technology to entertain Liverpool fans offering unique features and prizes for the winners. This partnership is suspected to create an extraordinary momentum for both the football club along with the betting operator.

« The Liverpool marketing manager also commented on this new partnership saying that: "We are thrilled to be combining efforts with one of the world's most prominent online betting operator.»

The Liverpool marketing manager also commented on this new partnership saying that: "We are thrilled to be combining efforts with one of the world's most prominent online betting operator.” He added also that: “The strength of this partnership with an organization such as Betfair, operating on numerous regions opens up the club and its reputation to different other countries where the operator has strong foothold and where our presence can best fit with their brand goals. Ultimately this partnership will enhance our opportunity to deliver pertinent and attractive programs in those specific regions."

What Liverpool is putting on the table

A partnership with a renowned club such as Liverpool filled with history and a strong spirit is a considerable gain for Betfair. The Reds benefit from an immense digital platform that gathers more and more fans everyday. The betting operator will be able to turn those fans into high-skilled betting professionals. The fans will be able to continue to follow their favorite team and earn money at the same time.

Betfair’s marketing director said it himself: “Everything related to Liverpool Football Club is outstanding, from the Kop, to the passionate fans, without forgetting the Liverbird symbol displayed on the jerseys, and the high quality football game and entertainment. This is an ideal match as Betfair enthuses users with a boosted betting experience, that will inevitably bring fans as close as possible to the action via extremely groundbreaking products.”

The Liverpool platform brings fans from all over the world. The operator is already extremely active in the European region, and would be able to reach an even bigger pool of consumers. The goal is to eventually turn these football fanatics into experienced betting champions. Liverpool fans shall never walk alone anymore with the little help of Betfair to convert their passion for the game’s outcome into an income!