Massive 2015 deal: Unibet owns

Massive deal unibet owns bingo com Massive deal unibet owns bingo com

This is by far the deal of the year. Indeed, the iGaming operator Unibet is now the official owner of the domain, as well as, the gambling operations’ section of operating in Europe. This partnership is a big deal in the iGaming industry considering the notoriety of a group such as The rumor has it that, the domain’s name will be changed and would be channeled towards the development of solely social gambling products. This opportunity is an outstanding one for Unibet, who will benefit from vast social platform including Apple.

High amounts at stake…

It was definitely a hard deal to reach between Unibet and Ltd. However, it was well played on behalf of Unibet. The operator had previously invested a great deal of money in the company’s share, which made the deal somewhat less costly. Indeed, Unibet’s share in the company allowed for the acquisition price to be equal to 9 million euros, instead of the initial 14 million euros. Both companies are satisfied with the deal, and will benefit from one another’s technology.

« Indeed, Unibet’s share in the company allowed for the acquisition price to be equal to 9 million euros, instead of the initial 14 million euros.»

As a matter of fact, Unibet will be able to generate more traffic thanks to the interactivity of on the net. On the other hand,, which original name will be changed to Shoal Games Ltd, will be able to benefit from the Unibet gambling platform, experience, and technology. While was not a ‘real-money’ related operator, it shall definitely witness its area of opportunity to drastically explode following this new partnership. The executive director said it himself: “Following this partnership, our management section has decided that best interests was to trade the online gambling commerce; the related trademark and URL and prepared the offer to be agreed upon with Unibet. The corporation has found its own online gambling associate and software provider, to have the finest offer to be had to enhance the company’s assets.” Credit to the site for letting us have this quote.

…for an exhaustive portfolio to come

The main attraction to be expected in the early stage of the cooperation is the ultimate upgrade on the company’s Trophy Bingo. Indeed, the latter is the most renowned social bingo entertainment in the world. The technology provided by Unibet will be without a doubt a great add-on to the money metrics already existing in the game.

The marketing team is already working on a release of the brand new version of the game benefiting from the Unibet technology. The Trophy Bingo is supposedly adopting a totally new format enhancing the social aspect of the game, without forgetting the lucrative possibilities that are at stake. The new version of the application will be available on mobile and tablet devices and promoted on the Apple Store.

This represents an enormous outlet for Unibet, which is an online gambling operator, to reach a wider range of audience, and to continue to develop products that shall please every type of player.

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